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A coarse, intense and hilarious rollercoaster ride through the heroin-hinterlands of Thatcher-era Leith.


In a world where work and opportunities are scarce Renton, Sick Boy, Begbie and Spud rail against the trappings of a successful lifestyle held out of their reach, and seek life through the point of a needle. Published in 1993, Trainspotting defined a generation and remains one of the most important, hard-hitting stories of our time.


Before the globally successful film adaptation of Irvine Welsh’s Trainspotting, there was a theatre production at the Citizens that started it all. As the world waits for the film’s sequel, we’re bringing the notorious story back to the stage.



Theatre Run

Citizens Theatre Main Stage, September – October 2016




Directed By Gareth Nicholls

Set Design by Max Jones

Sound Design by Micheal-John McCarthy

Lighting Design by Philip Gladwell

Movement by EJ Boyle


“[An] inspired new staging by director in residence Gareth Nicholls… if you want further proof that Trainspotting is one of the great, iconic narratives of the last 25 years, then you should beat a path to the Citizens’ Theatre, where this sharply-timed revival is playing to packed houses and standing ovations.”

- The Scotsman

"everything a theatre production should be"

- Broadway World

“Nicholls shows Trainspotting still speaks loudly, scabrously and irreverently about urban alienation and young lives under pressure”

- The Guardian

“The cast of five, led by Lorn Macdonald as Renton…make the material their own.”

- The Herald

“To take on such a production takes courage; to both recognise and subvert expectation takes skill; qualities here in thankful evidence”

- The National

“crackles with a raw new power”

- The Independent

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Theatre Director & Maker

Theatre Director & Maker

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