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Into That darkness

SS-Obersturmführer Franz Stangl oversaw the deaths of nearly 1 million people in Nazi extermination camps. Following his conviction for the murders in 1970, historian, biographer and journalist Gitta Sereny interviewed Stangl to understand how an individual rationalises their actions in the face of a crime of such magnitude. This is the dramatisation of those chilling and harrowing interviews.


Shocking and disturbing yet vital, Into That Darkness looks into the very heart of evil and asks how, 70 years after the end of the Second World War, we can prevent atrocities of this scale from happening again.



Theatre Run

Citizens Theatre, Main Stage, Glasgow, May 2015




Written by Gitta Sereny

Adapted by Robert David MacDonald

Directed by Gareth Nicholls

Designed by Neil Haynes

Sound Design and Music by Michael John McCarthy

Lighting Design by Stuart Jenkins

Assistant Director Stephen Darcy

Photos by Tim Morrozo


"superbly acted drama is a meticulous, compelling triumph"

- The Guardian

"superb production… magnificently captured"

- The Scotsman


- TV Bomb

“The ensemble is highly skilled and committed, with Duff in particular adding yet another beautifully textured portrait to her gallery of multifaceted women”

- The Times

“a thrillingly mesmeric meditation on human cruelty”

- The Herald

“a production that will keep you engaged long after the house lights come up”

- The Public Reviews

“an absolutely unflinching journey”

- The List

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Theatre Director & Maker

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